My PT Cruiser Is Hurt!

Yesterday I had to got out and I stopped at Safeway on my way home to get a bag of potatoes.  I got my groceries and got in the car.  I sat for a few minutes because I treated myself to a Starbucks vanilla latte!  I love them!

I started to back up and all was well until I saw a van!  I stopped!  OMG!  She didn't stop and hit my car!  The bumper, tail light and passenger back quarter panel all need to be replaced!

We got an estimate today and it was $3,800.00.  Can you believe it?  We have collision on our old 2006 PT Cruiser so the insurance should cover it.  But I stopped!  If she had stopped, this wouldn't have happened.

When she got out of her van, I could see she was an older woman and I didn't know what to do!  I got my cell out and called hubby!  He said to call police, but I didn't have the police number on my cell!  OMG!  My anxiety disorder was kicking in really bad.  So I called 411!  As we were both ok and our vehicles were driveable, I was instructed to go to the nearest Police detachment.  So this lady and I met each other at the Police Detachment.

I am waiting for an adjuster to call me and let me know what to do next.

My son says they may write my car off!  OMG!  It only has 71,000 km on it for a 2006, that's insane!  This can't happen!  I love my car!

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