Back In Hospital - Sept. 28/14 - UPDATE!!

I got my results today and all is well. No cancer! Prayers have been answered!
So I am off to Yuma, AZ soon!

 I was back in hospital with a problem breathing again.  Went to emergency and they did lots of tests and I was told I had fluid between the lining and the lung.  A Pleura Effusion.

I was sent home on Monday and had to go back on Thursday for  thoracentesis.  Now is the waiting game... 10 days for them to find out if there is cancer in the fluid they took out.

I was supposed to be leaving for Vancouver on the 8th of October and head to Yuma, AZ with my sister and hubby in their motor home, but all that is off now.  I don't feel well enough to go.

I pray all is well with my tests!


  1. Stella Nemeth2:31 PM

    I am so glad you good good news and were able to go off with your sister for a while. I was in the hospital in October and didn't get out of rehab until mid-November, but I, like you, am OK and am doing better every day.

  2. Glad to hear that Stella!