Overhaul On My Blog And Holidays

I am so in love with my blog finally!  It has taken me a long time to get this all figured out, but it is working just the way I want it now.

We just got back from our one week holidays and I am exhausted!  It is nice to go away, but so nice to come home!  We took our daughter and her 2 children and my son and his daughter with us to Sylvan Lake, AB.  Rented a cabin and the kids had a blast!  The waterslides were a hit and so were the race cars!  I however, did not do much.  I am using a walker now and need to sit and rest after about 1/2 block.  It sure slows down the tribe!  LOL!  At first I was embarrased to use it, but not anymore.  I need it, or I would be homebound.  I was sure worn out after a week of going with the kids!  They have energy to burn.... and then some:)

I took my laptop and listened to Pam Carriker DVD's when I could.

Pam Carriker 365 DVD Set


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