The C.A.P.I. Project

I have joined a new project designed by Milliande of Milliande’s Art Community for Women  called C.A.P.I., which stands for Create Art Portfolio Ideas. The purpose of the project is to do focused assignments in order to define your personal artistic style. I didn’t think that appealed to me at first, but then I reconsidered it (pondered it a bit, you might say) and decided it does. You can find out all about the project on Milliande’s website.

It involves keeping 6 different Portfolios that all have different purposes.  But Milliande does things a bit differently, which is where stepping outside my comfort zone already begins!

1.  Pondering Journal – written journal entries and collected information on the Pondering Prompts  (I was surprised to see she recommends a loose folder into which you put papers, printouts, etc. rather than a bound journal.)

2.  Raw Sketchbook – place to keep all the rough sketches, ideas, inspirations  (She actually uses a huge variety of scratch and art papers clipped onto a clipboard for this!)

3.  Observational Studies Sketchbook – place to do the Observational Studies assignments  (She recommends a regular sketchbook or mixed media journal.)

4.  Gathering Portfolio – a place to keep visual imagery collected according to Gathering Portfolio Prompts  (She recommends just a file folder for this.)

5.  Bottom of My Handbag Portfolio – a place to throw things when I don’t have time to file or make decisions about them  (She recommends a file folder for this as well.)

6.  Style Toolkit – what will result from all of this, a focused, cohesive set of tools that define my personal Artistic Style  (She uses a professional artist presentation portfolio for this.)

So here is what I have put together to start:

You can read more on the tab above.

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