Hospital Emergency

I have been feeling so ill with these weird headaches, hubby took me to emergency!

Can you believe we got there at 7:00 pm and I was finally back home at 5:00 am?  Yep!  It takes forever.

Good news, my CT Scan came back normal!  Horray!

Bad news, I still have these weird headaches and now I have a high pitched noise in my ears!  Good grief, getting old sucks!


  1. Sounds like a Migraine... I get them and they are brought on for me by the changes in the air pressure but there are a lot of foods that can also trigger them... Chocolate, Coffee, Wine.... and yes you are right, getting old does kind of suck... :) I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks for the info Shirley! Hugs, Deb