Zine Swap!

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Hosted by @inkiwell (Dede) of Coffee and Art in the Morning
Thank you Jamie

In order to participate You will make one (1) original Zine with the theme of A Quote, please include who the quote is by. Do art in relationship to the quote, how it makes you feel, what you see when you picture the meaning in your mind’s eye, or however you wish to Art Up your Zine to coordinate / represent with your quote.

You will make your Original BEFORE you Sign up with Dede via email for the swap sign up is due by March 1, 2013. Sometime after that you will be notified on the number of Color Copies you will need to make and the address on where to send ‘em. Include a Self-Addressed Envelope with adequate U.S. postage. Out of county (non-U.S.A), hopefully some of us can send in postage (or $) help to Dede for Y’all. Deadline to have your Zines to Dede is March 23!


Your original Zine MUST be made & completed BEFORE SIGNING UP!

8 ½ by 11 Inch paper (one sheet one sided)

The Zines must be Folded (watch this UStream)

Title your Zine

A Quote of your choice

Hand Drawn / Painted / Art’ed Up

Mostly Hand Written (some type is ok)

Please use only YOUR OWN art work

Sign your Zine (include your blog / contact / etc. info IF YOU want)

Color Copies cannot have 3D elements – keep ‘em flat people

(you may embellish your original as long as it copies well, but DO NOT 3D the color copies)

Include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

The Zines MUST be in Dede’s painted little hands by March 23rd

You Must Have FUN doing this!

This message has not been approved by Dede, oh well c’est la vie (that’s French for oh well)

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