Found Old Photo

I was digging through some old photos and came across this!  Oh did it bring back memories!

You probably didn't realize that I was a singer for many years.  I started late in life, I was 29 years old.  After my husband died in 1978, I started to sing.  This was a dream of mine since I was a little girl.

I first started with a band in 1981 and didn't like it much as I was just a tamborine player and singer (no band wanted a singer who didn't play an instrument).

In 1983, I got my first set of keyboards and the lessons I took for 9 years on the accordion help me NOT!!  I met a wonderful couple who showed me what a 3 cord progression was and I was hooked!  I practiced for hours everyday!

In 1984 I started my own band.  Debra-Fae and Gunshy.  We comprised of 5.  Myself, lead guitarist, base player, drummer and a keyboard player.  I played a keyboard that strapped on like a guitar.  My band was good, but I couldn't stand the travel.  I was away from my kids.

In 1985, I worked with another musician and we formed a duo called Goodie & Two Shoes.  We were amazing together, but he quit to go back to school, so I went solo with my keyboards, computer and digital synthesizers.  I did this for over 6 years, working weekends in pubs around Edmonton.

When my 2 younger children became teenagers, I had to quit!  They needed much guidance and I had to be there for them.   I missed it terribly.

So over 10 years went by until we decided to get a Karaoke machine for fun.  That is how it all began!  As I was a professional singer, I could not stand how my voice sounded on these small machines, so we got bigger and better, until we really had a business!

I called one of my old places I used to do a single at, and was hired on the phone!  Hubby's nickname was Woody, so we called our Karaoke Company "Woody's Karaoke".  I was there 3 nights/week for over 5 years!  I had to leave due to illness in 2006.

I sure look slim and young here!  Amazing how much a person changes in 7 years!


DebraFae at Francos

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