Air Buns - For Monica (bcdoula)

I was watching Monica's YouTube video (Kaiser Rolls) HERE.  I tried these the next day but my yeast was old so they didn't rise like they should have, but tasted awesome!

When I mentioned Air Buns, Monica said she hadn't ever heard about them before.

I had just made them a few months ago....So Monica, here is my handed down recipe:


2 TBLS Yeast or 2 pkgs:
Soak in 2 cups lukewarm water with 1 tsp. Sugar

3-1/2 cups Lukewarm water:
Dissolve 1/2 cup Sugar
1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup shortening

Add yeast mixture and 1 tbls. vinegar and add 10 cups flour

1.  Let rise for 2 hours in buttered bowl.
2.  Kneed down and rise for 1 more hour.
3.  Kneed down and put in pans (I roll the dough in the palms of my hand to form a small bun) and let rise for 2 more hours.

Bake at 370-400 for 15 - 20 minutes.

Makes about 36 Buns.

These are so soft, they melt in your mouth.


xo Deb

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