Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recipe Card - (Expired)

Here is a recipe card I made today.  I needed a 5x7 so if you like this size, it is free to download.  You can cut this with your Silhouette too!

Note:  Recipe Name Here and Recipe From Here will not show in the download.  Please feel free to save this preview for your information.

Link has expired.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Studio Is Moving Again

As you all know I have been ill.  I am better, but not feeling well yet.  Don't know why but I just don't feel well.

A month or so ago we moved some of my studio up to the kitchen as we had a flood in our basement.  Well, it is going back downstairs because I hate the way my kitchen looks with all my supplies!  It looks so messy even when it's clean, I can't stand it!

So I found a beautiful table and chairs on Kijiji and hopefully hubs and my son will get it all moved by the end of the weekend.

Will take pics soon!