Pulmonary Embolism

Friday was pretty much a normal Friday.  Hubs always has Friday and Saturday off.  We were excited that we were getting a new stove from the place we rent.  I have been cleaning ovens by hand for over 15 years and I don't have to any more!  The new stove was supposed to arrive on Friday, but got postponed until Saturday.

I was feeling a bit uncomfortable on Friday night, couldn't sit in my recliner.  One of my back ribs hurt but not so bad after I moved to my the kitchen which is now my studio due to water in our basement in June.  I went to bed fairly early because of the new stove arriving sometime on Saturday.

When I got up on Saturday morning about an hour later, I was having a hard time breathing.  The pain in my back on the left side was getting worse.  I thought I must have done something to bruise the rib or something.  I tried laying back in my recliner and that made it worse.  I tried laying on the couch and could not find a spot where it didn't hurt.  So after about a half hour I got up from the couch and hubs was having a nap on the love seat, so I went outside and sat on the patio.  My pain seemed to be relieved some.

Hubs got up from his nap and came outside and we had a few cocktails together.  My pain seemed to go away.

At about 5:30 my pain came back like block-busters!  I was now taking small little breaths because I could not take a deep one!  The pain was excruciating!  Hubs said we are going to the hospital.

We got to the hospital at about 7:30 pm and I waited in the waiting room till almost 1:00 am.  When they finally got me into a bed in ER, they put me on oxygen right away and my blood pressure was 78/41.  Around 5:00 am the Dr. finally put me on some pain medications and I was quite loopy, but feeling much better.

I was sent by ambulance to another hospital to have a Cat Scan (with dye).  That's when they found the blood clot in my left lung.

I came home the same day as I can inject myself with the blood thinners and I also have to take pills.  I will be getting a call from the people at the  Thrombosis Clinic at the Royal Alex Hospital on Tuesday.  Wouldn't you know all this happened on the long weekend and they were closed.  I am terrified!

My son took this pic of me in hospital:


  1. Mary Werner11:15 PM

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. It must be terrifying but you are finally on the right path to getting it fixed. It is the unknown clots that are so dangerous since people don't know to get help. It took several days for my husbands clot to disappear with blood thinners and it was 3 inches long! But it disappeared and he was fine for many years afterward. I hope in all the confusion your new stove was delivered!

  2. Admin2:31 AM

    Thanks for your encouragement Mary! I really needed it right now, and yes my stove was delivered!