My Kitchen Studio

I am working hard at moving my studio! Water in the basement has left our carpet smelling bad, so everything has to be cleared out in that area so we can rip out the carpet.

My studio is now in the kitchen!  Can you believe it?  I am now on the main floor and we sold our kitchen table and will now be eating on the island in the kitchen.

Hubs put together my "Ikea Expedit Desk Combo" and we brought up my cubbies, but there is so much to do yet!  I took some pics of my "Kitchen Studio".

I have it done!  Horray!


  1. Love it! My studio is kitted out with a Expedit x16 cubby hole unit and I am in total LOVE. Not sure we should love IKEA this much! Your desk caddy is awesome too... where can I get one?!

  2. Admin1:10 PM

    Laura, I got that desk caddy from Michaels. I used a 40% off coupon, so it was cheap!!

  3. Karen Stewart1:57 AM

    I love the kitchen studio. It is so clean and orderly and white! I love that. I know you can create in that space for sure! Enjoyed your post and the pics!

  4. What a great crafting area setup! :D