Thursday, March 14, 2013

Alphabetica - Steampunk

I got right after these today!  I had to make a collage for the "steampunk" folder and I printed out some of my deli paper with odds and sods for the "vehicles" folder.  Hope you like them:)

SteamPunk Folder


Too bad my scanner is not large enough to capture the bottom of my folders.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Studio Mess

My studio is a complete mess!  I must get it under control, but I can hardly keep up with the day-to-day chores!  I have been suffering so bad with my right hip.  It doesn't allow me to do much.  I took these pictures and thought OMG!  I don't even want to come to work down here!  However, I am still working on newspapers with gesso and acrylic paint - they are everywhere!  I need them still to paste into my texture book.

Going down to the basement, at the bottom of the stairs turn left....

Entering studio, you can see I have all my card stock on the bottom... I made this like an island, 2 rows deep.

On the top holds all my collage containers that are hidden by newspapers and boxes of orders I haven't put away yet!

pic 1

This next photo is taken over the island, you can see where I do my filming and where I work.

I forgot to close the upper cubbies, so that would look a little better.

pic 2

Here you can see my 3 carts on rollers... I had an old wall unit we don't use and it is full to the rim!

I am now thinking I am a hoarder of supplies!

pic 4

Now you really see the wall unit!  I am in transition of moving my paint supplies to this area as I am using the 3rd working area for Project Life now.  You will see later....

pic 5

So you can see my computer in the corner and hubs got me these upper cabinets a long time ago.

I have my lazer printer and inkjet printer next to the computer.

Below the upper cabinets are Martha Stewart cubbies, and they are full!

Boxes on the floor are file folders, printer paper etc.  No place to store them yet!

pic 6

Can't forget my new Silhouette Cameo that just arrived a few weeks ago!

pic 7a

Here is my DIY clip-it-up.  And we are moving into where I used to paint but now use this space for Project Life.


Remember, I am in a basement with no windows and no drywall!  The cement walls are painted.

This is where I have all my watercolor paper on the top along with wallpaper books, binders below, and all my beading supplies.

I plan to take down the table with my sewing machine.  There are wall units all along the right side that I can't get to right now because of the table.


Here is the Project Life area.


I found some pretty boxes on sale at Michaels a while back and am using them for the cards.


Here is the 3rd pretty box and I am using it for tape, stickers and what-nots.


I am going to fix this little box up and decorate it a bit.  It is a recycle from Becky Higgins (Project Life).


So here you can see the shelf again.  I am trying to get those jars out of there, but not sure where yet!


So you have seen my space and I am embarrassed to say that I still haven't done much!  It is messy, but if I really got to it and cleaned it up, it would look spectacular!

I will post the after pictures when I get it done!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Project Life Started In February

As a newbie to Project Life, this has been a bit of a struggle for me to find things to put in my binder.  Here are my up-to-date weeks so far.

Here is the cover:

Project Life Cover

I wasn’t sure how to begin as I only started in February but didn’t get my supplies until the middle of Feburary.  So I decided to start in the month of February.  I needed some photos, so I added some of my artwork.  I also went online to see what was happening and noted that the Canadian Penny is gone!  I also wanted to document that I got an awesome mix master for Christmas from hubs.

Project Life Week 1

I forgot to document my favorite chair here, but will fix that in my binder.  More artwork of mine and just some photos of home and our son lazing around.

Project Life February - Week 1

We are into Valentines week and I found this really cute photo of owls on the internet from “Bing”.  I just love them!  Hubs is lazing around and I have noted about cutting my finger very badly when opening the box Project Life came in. Documented our weather for the 17th.

Project Life - Week 1

Setting up my space in the basement for Project Life.

Project Life - Week 1

More Project Life set-up.

Project Life - Week 1

I took a photo of myself, first thing in the am.  No make-up and no hairdo!  I am the picture taker in my family.  Will be lucky to see 5 in a year of me!  I also documented some books I love to read that were recommended by Dede on Ustream and also a DVD set about Mixed Media Art by Pam Carriker.  A photo with me and my grandaughter with our faces against the scanner!  We were laughing so hard!  This was from a few years ago, but I wanted to document it.  The photo of the kitchen table – I was up all night burning CD’s for hubs so he could listen to music while driving to work.  He loves them.

Project Life - Week 1

I have more of February to do yet, so I will be posting soon about that.  That's it for now!

Hugs, Deb

Silhouette Cameo


My Silhouette Cameo Arrived!  I LOVE it!

Silhouette Cameo


I have tried the software for the Silhouette Cameo and love it, so I am ordering one next week!  Hubs said it was ok:)  He is so good to me even after 24 years!

That's all my news today.  Working on Project Life!



Project Life 2013

I am so excited to begin even though I am behind a month or two!  I ordered all my supplies and just received them!  Started month of February.

I am going to do some more shopping for washi tape, stickers and such.  If you have any other items you think I should consider, please let me know.

Project Life 2013

I am so excited to begin even though I am behind a month or two!  I ordered all my supplies and just received them!  Started month of February.

I am going to do some more shopping for washi tape, stickers and such.  If you have any other items you think I should consider, please let me know.