CAPI Raw Sketchbook Assignment 1

This was our first assignment, however I managed to do one but there are 4 different views posted at the bottom of this post.

CAPI ::: Raw Sketchbook Assignment 1 -
Free Form Association :::

  • Watch 2 Videos on my version of free form association

  • print out my drawing template

  • take a different color marker pen like a sharpie, coloring pencil  etc and study the drawing to see whether you can find any kind of shapes ,forms or resonant images within

  • create approx 5 free form drawings yourself starting with a  black squarish shape filling it with random lines , then letting the images find you as you mark them with a different color

  • TIP : if you have never done this type of exercise before or are a new art student then practice these more than 5 times to get into the flow of things as we will be using this technique again ...

  • object of the exercise is the development of seeing visuals with our right brain rather than predicting imagery with our left brain .

  • keep save in your Raw Sketchbook for Assignment 2


capi 1

 capi 2

capi 3

capi 4

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